Profiled Roofing Sheets: What You Need to Know

Profiled sheeting

Choosing the roofing solution that best suits your building can be a tough decision due to the number of options that are now available. Profiled sheeting is increasingly being used to meet the design and performance of today's building requirements. Profiled sheeting covers a wide range of roofing options including; insulated roof sheets, box profile roofing sheets, corrugated, twin-skin and anti-condensation.  The type of sheet required will depend on the building type, use and desired look of the building. Our in-house roofing experts have answered some key questions they get asked most often by our merchant customers about profiled roofing sheets below:

  • What types of buildings are profiled sheets used for?

Profiled sheet roofing has become a popular choice of roofing for commercial, industrial and agricultural and domestic buildings in recent years. They can be used as single or double skin application and Non-drip sheeting.

  • Do the roofing sheets protect against bad weather?

The sheets are extremely tough and highly resistant to adverse weather conditions and storms, more so than other materials. The profile of the sheets encourages water flow off the roof and enables water from snow and rainfall to flow off the roof. This helps to protect against water damage and build up on the roof, reducing the risk of the sheets being damaged and leaking.

  • How should the sheets be installed?

All our profiles differ slightly in terms of installation processes, but in general, profiled sheets are quick and easy to install. You can download our installation guide here.

  • Is this type of roofing cost-effective?

Profiled roofing sheets are a long-term investment. This durable roofing solution will save you money on repair and maintenance expenses in the long run, due to their longevity.

Our profiled sheeting products are available with a wide variety of colours and finishes available to transform your building and compliment the aesthetics of any unit.

We offer a wide range of roofing products in a variety of profiles and finishes. This combined with our in-house metal fabrication facility, enables our customers to purchase all their roofing and cladding materials from a complete envelope solution. If you have any other questions that we haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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