3 Tips to Consider When Designing or Building Education Furniture

When considering new furniture for your classroom, from early years and nursery, all the way to college and university, it is important to ask yourself; does this space meet the educational needs of all students and teachers? There’s no better time to start thinking about your new classroom than at the very start of the school term. Furniture plays an important part in a student’s learning experience so making sure it meets their learning needs is equally important. Here are some ways that you can ensure you are creating the right space for your students:

Outline Your Priorities:

Before deciding on a design, it is vital to know what you want from your educational space. Every school’s priorities are different; some want a low budget solution, many want it to be a place that fosters learning or play activities and others want something that will maximise space and storage.

Fit for Purpose:

Sometimes we can get consumed by fancy designs and styles, but it is important to know if your desired furniture design is fit for purpose. What you design your classroom to look like today, may not be what it is used for years later, so considering if your furniture is easily moved around, protected against theft and adaptable may also need to be taken into consideration.

Think Long Term…Futureproof Your Classroom:

Classrooms aren’t places of blackboards and chalk anymore but instead make use of digital and interactive white boards on teaching wall units, and this is likely to keep evolving. Nu-Style design their school furniture with this in mind. Designing furniture that can be adaptable to new technologies is vital, as classroom furniture is likely to have a long life expectancy. Thinking about the changes we have witnessed over the past decade, imagine what a classroom could look like in years to come?

Here at Nu-Style, we consider ourselves the experts in classroom furniture and continuously strive to stay up to date with the latest trends, so when it comes to thinking about your new classroom, ask yourself:

  • Does it support the child’s learning needs for their age group?
  • Can it be adapted to suit children of different age groups?
  • Can it be adapted to support advances in technology?

The chances are, if you have a question, we have already thought about the answer!

From design and manufacture to installation, Nu-Style’s expert team are on hand to make your furniture buying decision as easy as possible. Browse our furniture section to see how we can help you design your new classroom environment, tailored to improve user experience.