Are Bathroom Panels Better Than Tiles?

Bathroom updates tend to create a sizable return on investment when you sell your home.

You may be transforming your space for this reason or simply for your enjoyment. Either way, you're in the market for a bathroom overhaul.

And, of course, one of the major decisions you'll have to make is what tile you'll use to line the shower walls and backsplash.

We have an alternative option for you — Perform Panel shower panelling. This option has many of the benefits that tiles don’t have.

Here's why you should consider our shower panels over tiles:

You Won't Need Grout for Shower Panels

Firstly, installing tiles in a shower area is a tedious process. And that's mainly because you have to space and grout each one just right.

Over time, grout can chip and fall out. Or, it starts to look grimy — and it can be very challenging to clean.

If you choose wet room wall panels, you won't have to deal with any grout. Skip the scrub brush and go for a sleek, easy-to-maintain wall instead.

Wall Panels are Easy to Install

We can't reiterate it enough — installing ceramic tiles will take you a lot of time and expertise.

You have to separate your tiles perfectly, so they're straight and grouted evenly. If you want to re-cover your bathrooms floors, shower and backsplash, this process becomes even more time-consuming.

The same cannot be said for our Perform Panel shower panels. You'll start the process with plasterboard as your backdrop. You will then have to apply an adhesive to the drywall or the back of your Perform Panels.

We know which process sounds less painful.

No Need to Tear Up the Bathroom

When you install bathroom tiles, your space might be out of use for a long time. You can't go in and use the toilet if you have to walk over exposed floorboards. 

Installing a Perform Panel wet wall won't create a huge mess or construction zone in your bathroom. Instead, you follow a few steps and install your wet panels where you want them.

This home improvement project is great if you don't like messy upheaval in your home. Instead, you can push and stick over your tiles without any major disruption of your bathroom's service.

You'll Save Time with Shower Panels

As we've pointed out already, it's so easy to install shower panels.

That's why this project suits today's homeowners — and their often-jam-packed schedules. Dedicating a weekend or two to re-tiling a bathroom might not be in the question for you. That's where bathroom panels come in.

You can spend a few hours with the latter and completely transform your bathroom space.

Not only that but maintaining Perform Panel is simple, too.

Wet walls are made of a non-porous material, meaning you can leave them to air-dry after showering or you can wipe them down after each use.

Meanwhile, ceramic tiles tend to pick up soap scum and debris over time. They can lose their lustre, while a wet room wall panel wont.

So, if you're updating your bathroom and want it to stay fresh without much effort, consider shower panels.

Lower Install Costs

You might have a vision of a bathroom with custom-fitted tile floors and a shower. That's fine — but be prepared to pay for it. Most projects will need a skilled contractor to come in and complete the project, so it looks perfect and stays that way.

You'll save on labour and, typically, you'll save on materials too with our cost-effective collections and be sure to find the perfect décor to suit your style and budget.

There Are Still More Advantages to Consider

Beyond these five major pros, there are still more real assets when it comes to shower wet wall panels.  You might also want to consider that:

Wet wall panels tend to have a longer lifespan than ceramic tiles.

You have a variety of modern and contemporary colours and styles from which you can choose.

We Have to Mention — Some Benefits of Ceramic Tiles

You might be stuck on ceramic tiles instead. Despite the price differentials, you might want tiles.  You should consider the material in these specific instances:

Your walls are curved, so you can't adhere wet wall panels to them, however walls can be braced for panels if uneven in some instances. 

You may need an extra set of hands to help you install wet panel walls. One person can install tile on their own, however it will be a longer installation process overall. To combat this, our range of panels can be supplied in 600mm wide to allow for one-person installation.

Much like our range of Perform Panels, you can choose from an endless supply of ceramic tile colours and styles.

We Say, "Give Perform Panel a Try!"

With our wide range of decors, we have a style to suit every bathroom and taste and there’s a good chance they'll fit into your space and transform the look completely.

You can start planning your bathroom renovation with us. Contact us today to chat with a team member and start planning your project.

Soon enough, you'll have a refreshed bathroom space that you can enjoy for years to come.

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