Nu-Style’s Top Tips for Designing Hospital Furniture

Huntley ward

In the healthcare industry, furniture designs often demand bespoke requirements and this is becoming more exciting as hospitals upgrade their facilities to better serve the needs of their patients and staff. NHS Trusts want quality furniture in their hospitals and wards. They require furniture that is long lasting and durable, as renovating patient areas can cause huge upheaval and disruption.

Below are some key recommendations from our experts to consider before taking on healthcare furniture projects.

Infection Control

Keeping furniture clean is hugely important for health care facilities, such as hospitals. To help with infection control, surfaces and furniture need to be both durable and easily cleaned. Nu-Style recommends using High Pressure Laminate / 100% Virgin Core MFC. This type of furniture is easy to clean and highly durable towards disinfectants and other germ killing agents. Nu-Style also offer worktops with integrated upstands to ensure increased germ control in areas such as utility rooms and nursing stations.

Patient Experience

Hospitals don’t need to look tired, dull and outdated as they may be home to some patients for long periods of time. We can design, manufacture and supply a wide range of healthcare furniture related products such as bedside units, wardrobes, storage units and receptions counters in a wide variety of colours to match specific requirements.

Visitors and Healthcare Professionals

Places of care should also take into account the experiences of all their users, and this includes visitors and healthcare professionals too.

Visitors are important stakeholders to consider in the design of ward furniture and creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for them should be a key element of any upgrades or renovations. This is similar for healthcare professionals as they often work long hours, and need the correct furniture to make their shifts as comfortable as possible.

We design and manufacture a range of working rooms for nurses, including washroom facilities, IPS units, and nurses’ stations all with standard finishes.

Bespoke Healthcare Furniture

We acknowledge that different care facilities require different furniture solutions, this is why you should always ensure that your project partner is capable and flexible enough to design furniture that meets the exact requirements of the care unit. 

Different wards need to be adapted in some cases, for example mental health units are increasingly installing anti-ligature furniture into their wards to provide higher levels of safety and reduce the risk of self-harm. We came across a similar project in a recent case study.

Nu-Style design, manufacture and install various types of bespoke, high quality furniture for the healthcare industry and work with individual clients to meet their specific needs. Each item of furniture is created in consultation with the client and health care professionals to ensure it meets requirements and is within budget. Get in touch today and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.