A Guide to Furnishing Offshore Living Spaces

Offshore living quarters can be a challenge to get right. For weeks at a time, these living quarters are home to a large number of offshore workers and provide them with an area to sleep and socialise in between shifts, whilst working away from their home and families. It is important that the furniture in their living quarters provide a comfortable, practical, home away from home environment while maximising the finite available space. Here are a few ideas to consider before picking your interior furniture.

Maximising Space:

With limited space on offshore vessels, it is the norm to design furniture that makes the most of the available space. Offshore accommodation furniture is often designed to be shared between employees, and the designers have to make maximum use of the available space without compromising on comfort and safety. Cabins operate on a bunk bed rota, whereby workers on opposite shift patterns will share a designated bunk bed. Bunk beds optimise space in these offshore living cabins and allow for greater floor space. Nu-Style offer various bed options to suit different living quarter arrangements and have the capability to tailor designs to suit individual client needs.


The nature of the offshore industry means that often employees live on the rigs just as often as they live in their own homes, it is important to ensure that their living accommodation provides a comfortable space to rest after a long shift. Furniture within the accommodation needs to be carefully considered so that comfort and personal space is a priority. Living quarters have to be an hygienic space suitable to house a number of employees in a limited area inside the accommodation vessels. At Nu-Style we design custom-built furniture to meet client requirements with various desks, work surfaces and integrated storage units to suit necessary operational requirements. Desks can be fitted with lights, wireless chargers and USB ports for a compact solution.


As offshore living quarters are occupied 24/7, with employees on a rolling shift pattern, the furniture within these areas have to be able to service heavy duty traffic. Nu-Style’s experienced team recommend High Pressure Laminate with a fire rated MDF core and backing for all furniture products used in offshore vessels.

Health and Safety:

The oil and gas industry adhere to rigorous health and safety regulations at every stage of their business operations, and this is no different in their offshore living quarters and furniture. Every space is designed with safety and worker efficiency as the framework. Nu-Style’s offshore products meet the requirements of the International Marine Organisation (IMO) Resolution A653 (16) and works with clients to meet their individual health and safety standards including all components utilised in the manufacturing process meeting FR classification standards.

At Nu-Style, we understand that every client has different requirements when it comes to furnishing offshore living quarters. Our extensive range of products for the offshore market including beds, lockers, furniture for cabins and social areas, as well as washroom facilities are designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, ensuring customers get the highest in quality.

If you have a requirement for any of our products and would like to work with our experienced team, then please complete our enquiry form providing brief details about your project, and we will be in touch.