A Spotlight on Internal Sales: Natalie and Louis

Natalie and Louis

To give some insight into the various departments that make up our diverse and talented team here at Nu-Style, we are going to shine a spotlight on each department using a series of meet the team profiles, starting with internal sales. Natalie and Louis currently make up our Internal Sales dream team. Internal Sales is likely to be the first point of contact and the start of the journey with most of our customers.

We caught up with Natalie and Louis to find out more about their working day, the challenges and the role that internal sales plays in achieving Nu-Style’s overall goals.

Background and Experience:


Natalie has worked at Nu-Style since November 2017 after graduating with a degree in Social Sciences from Robert Gordon University. She’s been involved in sales since she was 16 and has always enjoyed working and communicating with customers.


As a newer addition to the Nu-Style team, Louis joined in February 2019 with over four years previous experience in sales roles, both at SIG Aberdeen and Arnold Clark Ford.

The Role:

As a key point of contact for our customers, Natalie and Louis are responsible for dealing with enquiries, quoting new projects, processing orders and assisting customers that arrive at our trade counter on site. Internal Sales works with every department from production to stores and transport to ensure that customers receive the correct communications, prices and lead times. Our diverse customer base ranges from Scotland, England and all the way to Wales, due to the distribution of our wall panel brand, Perform Panel.

For our Internal Sales team, no two days are the same, which is what Natalie and Louis both said they enjoy most about the job. From working on quoting projects like the design and supply of lockers for the offshore sector, to other bespoke jobs like the manufacture of chicken hatches for a local client in our metal fabrication facility, there’s always plenty of projects ongoing.

The Challenges:

Like every customer facing role, there are going to be challenging days. Natalie and Louis shared the biggest challenges they encounter:

Louis said: “Some days are extremely busy, and you are constantly on and off the phone to customers and with the blink of an eye it’s 5 o’clock and another day has ended. You never know what is going to land on your desk, but I guess that’s what keeps the job interesting.”

Natalie said: “Due to the number of industries we work with, every day is a school day, and I’m constantly learning and adapting to ensure projects go out the door correctly and on time. Some days can be hectic, but we are lucky to have a supportive team around us to help get through the busy days. Not to mention the constant influx of biscuits, chocolate and other sugary treats in the office which helps to keep everyone happy.”

The next department to feature in our series of meet the team profiles will be stores, find out more next month!