‘’Nu-School’’ Washroom Cubicle Trends for 2020


As a toilet cubicle manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience, we’ve carried out many washroom upgrades, renovations and refurbishments in schools and nurseries. Local authorities in Aberdeenshire have committed to a programme of continual upgrades to existing schools and nurseries, and our washroom experts have noticed some trends appearing. The upgrade programmes have highlighted various design patterns in cubicle manufacturing which we will love to highlight in this article.


Throughout 2019 and anticipating into 2020, we’ve seen an increase in popularity in our Nu-Infantz and Nu-Solitude cubicle systems in schools. Privacy is still a big priority for schools, and we don’t see this changing anytime soon, especially with the increase in popularity of unisex facilities. Discouraging negative behaviour in school bathrooms is a common goal as these spaces have been notorious spaces for bullying, violence and vandalism. Making these spaces safer and less daunting is always a key factor in the design phase for councils, especially for new builds.

Our nu-Solitude cubicles are designed with full height toilet cubicle doors, leaving a small 10mm gap at the bottom to ensure privacy is maintained within the washroom facilities. This means that students feel more comfortable when using the toilet, as no phones, cameras or feet can get under the 10mm gap under the door. No-mischief indicator key locks are provided as standard to prevent unauthorised access to the cubicle, meaning that the locks are unable to be picked or prized open.

Nu-Infantz cubicles have also been a popular choice among nurseries and early years due to their low-level cubicle to aid supervision if required. This range of cubicles are popular due to the exciting and vibrant colour combinations available.


Gone are the days when school toilets were dull, grey and dark. We have recently supplied a number of grey pilasters with contrasting brightly coloured doors including purple, yellow, orange and blue. The colour choices can often depend on the school’s theme, but we do predict that bright colours will continue to appear in school washrooms in the future due to the aesthetically pleasing effect this can have on users. Bold colours can help to provide a bright, inviting atmosphere for students and spark their imaginations in areas of the school, out with the classroom.

We can colour match to a broad spectrum of colours and patterns and have the option of digital printing onto laminate available for bespoke school washroom designs. Fun and engaging prints are additional design aspects which can be added to ensure students feel relaxed when using the washroom facilities.


Usually, we supply the majority of our cubicles to schools and nurseries in laminated medium-density fibreboard (MDF). Still, if the project requires a more hard-wearing material, we recommend compact. Compact is 100% impervious to water and is often required in a vanity unit/ sink situation that younger students use regularly. This will ensure the washrooms are durable and will reduce disruption time for cleaning and maintenance. You can find out more about our advice for designing long-lasting school washrooms here.

The future of school toilets

We have seen a higher demand for unisex washrooms over the last few years and fully expect this to continue into 2020 and beyond. According to research, mixed-gender toilets or unisex toilets dissuade students from loitering in the area, behaviour that encourages instances of bullying and antisocial acts. This is due to youngsters becoming more sensitive about their looks as they approach their teens, making them less likely to present a less-than-flattering image of themselves in public spaces.

Unisex toilets also use space more efficiently, with existing walls and toilet cubicle partitions no longer required to separate female and male facilities. This creates a more open and spacious environment. Although there is still a debate around this topic, many councils believe that this option will help to improve the wellbeing of schools and students alike.

If you have any questions about our cubicles or range of high-quality commercial washroom products including IPS panelling, toilet vanity units, lockers or benches, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You may also find the answer you are looking for in our washrooms FAQS article.

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