4 Things You Should Know about Integrated Plumbing System Panels


Integrated Plumbing Systems (IPS) panels & IPS Pre-Assembled units offer an attractive solution that conceals washroom services and plumbing works, whilst allowing quick access in a hassle-free way. IPS units leave a high-quality look and finish in commercial washrooms, school bathrooms and healthcare hand wash stations, whilst allowing for ongoing maintenance with little disruption.

Here’s 4 facts that our laminate fabrication experts here at Nu-Style wanted to let you know about IPS Systems:

  • Pre-Clipped IPS Panels enable plumbing services to be concealed, whilst ensuring connections and all fixings are hidden from view. This creates a seamless and more visually appealing washroom system. IPS panels can be supplied to match the surrounding fittings and fixtures such as cubicle systems and vanity units.


  • Pre-Assembled IPS Units can provide huge benefits to environments where disruption should be kept to minimal. These pre-assembled IPS panels will arrive on site as already manufactured modules, self-supporting units to reduce installation time and impact to workers and other stakeholders. These are manufactured off-site by Nu-Style and are delivered, ready to install on site.


  • Our experts highly recommend Side-hinged access panels as they can be accessed using a key. This design allows easy access to pipework and water supply, whilst maintaining health and safety standards as there are no tools required to access pipe works. Side-hinged access panels are often fitted with a cam lock for security, meaning that no damage is done to the panel if access is required.


  • In healthcare environments where hygiene is the priority, IPS panels offer a hygienic solution. Our Nu-Healthcare IPS units are available in post-formed finish which prevents bacteria from gathering in hard to reach places as there are no dust traps and panels can easily be cleaned. The design of these panels is perfect for healthcare environments with rigorous infection control practices.


IPS Panel Systems offer a complete solution for environments where easy access to washroom services is required. To find out more about the range of IPS we supply, get in touch with our experts today!

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