How to Ensure Your Lockers Are Fit for Purpose

Lockers / Cabinets are not only a practical storage solution, but the right design can provide a safe and secure area in schools, leisure facilities, gymnasiums, workplaces and other commercial spaces. Depending on the environment, lockers need to cater to the specific needs of the users, as well as be functional and stylish since they will form part of the aesthetics when visible. Lockers are used daily in a range of sectors and industries, so as experts, we would like to give you a few tips to help you to choose the perfect locker solution for every environment.


Different environments have specific challenges & requirements when it comes to choosing the correct lockers, and an essential factor in this decision-making process is the level of usage of the lockers/cabinets. For example, changing room lockers in leisure centres need to be water resistant and able to withstand heavy duty traffic continuously. Our experts recommend our Nu-Resistant lockers for the most demanding environments such as these, where there is usually high humidity levels.

Environments with medium levels of use such as schools and staff lockers are typically not used 24/7 and only at peak times such as the start and end of the day. For this type of environment, the most popular locker that we would recommend would be our Nu-Core lockers which fit the requirements of most schools and commercial settings with medium usage levels.


Lockers can create a positive environment for both secondary and primary school pupils as they offer them a safe and secure place to store their belongings while giving them a sense of ownership, so it is essential to plan on how many are required for the school to ensure each student is catered to accordingly.

We design and manufacture our lockers in-house, most commonly using either laminate/ MFC or compact for school environments.  Our capabilities allow us to match lockers to a wide range of colours, ensuring that the school can chose whatever colour fits with their current scheme.

The design of lockers can often depend on their purpose and what is typically going to be stored in them, for example, mobile phones, sports equipment, books etc. We can design and supply our full range of lockers at any width and depth specified to meet with your bespoke requirements.


Locks are a key part of any design and locker solution. It is an integral part of the design process, as different environments require different locking options. Users want to lock away their belongings knowing that they will be there safely upon their return. Choosing the right lock will more than likely depend on the environment, the types of user (this could be frequently, occasionally or one-time only) and the type of locker lock.

Often coin return locks are popular in leisure and public places meaning that the coin is retained as payment, whereas the offshore lockers or gym lockers tend to have padlockable lock as these are used regularly.

Our full range of lockers can be fitted with any lock system required to suit the environment. Whether you need a cam lock, combination lock, coin retain locks, radial pin locks or even a digital lock, we can match these to any of our lockers to ensure it fits with any requirements.

We provide an extensive range of practical lockers and bench seating options, manufactured to suit a wide range of environments. Our in-house powder coating facility enables us to offer the perfect locker storage system for your environment, sector or budget, providing you greater flexibility. Get in touch with your requirements today, and one of our expert team will be more than happy to assist you with finding the perfect locker. 


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