Bathroom Storage - An Insight into Vanity Units

Nu-Solid Vanity Units

What is a vanity unit?

You’ve probably heard of the term vanity unit in the UK many times when discussing bathroom designs and renovations. They are also sometimes referred to as bathroom cupboards, bathroom storage, basin units, toilet vanity units and under bathroom sink units.

A vanity unit is a unit consisting of a washbasin set into a flat top with storage beneath. It is a vital piece of bathroom furniture that can be used to complement any washroom environment or bathroom suite and can provide extra storage to the facility. Choosing the correct option to be installed can be overwhelming sometimes. We have put together some useful information to help guide you in your decision.


Vanity units are suitable for both small and large washrooms and can be a great hidden storage facility for bits and bobs, particularly in a smaller bathroom. The units come in a wide variety of widths, heights and depths and are made to order to compliment your space perfectly. From wall hung to floor standing units, we can design and manufacture a solution that will be a real feature for a domestic washing area or for commercial use in a school, hospital or hotel. Small vanity units are ideal for tucking into a corner or hiding an awkward space in a cloakroom.

Our Nu-Resistant vanities are our most popular range that we supply to schools and nurseries because they are highly resistant to impact and heavy duty traffic. They are also suitable for both wet and dry environments, which is important in school changing room facilities.  

For healthcare environments, our Nu-Lam vanities come with access panels and are pre-clipped to the back panel with kehu clips. This helps to save valuable labour time on site especially in hospital wards where renovations must be completed with minimum disruption to patients. 


The material of a bathroom vanity unit is a crucial part of any project, as the vanity has to be made to suit the use of the washroom environment that it will be installed in. We often ask our customers a range of questions about their requirements so that we can provide a solution that will be best for their project.

We supply bathroom vanity units in melamine faced chipboard (MFC), laminated Medium-density fibreboard (HPL) & solid grade laminate (SGL) and there are different benefits of using each material depending on the project.

For demanding or heavy use environments such as schools, where vanities are exposed to high volumes of traffic, we recommend manufacturing solid grade laminate (SGL) vanity units because the material is robust and 100% impervious to water.

In hospitals, both laminate and solid grade laminate (SGL) would be suitable; however, our design team would ensure that there are no joints in the material by introducing an upstand/ down stand as required.

Like all materials supplied by us, a full maintenance document is included to give cleaning advice, but there are no special cleaning agents required for any of our materials.


We have a wide range of colours and finishes in MFC, HPL and compact materials for our vanity units. These can be colour matched to complement other washroom products, such as cubicles and integrated plumbing system panels or can be contrasted by selecting a suitable colour choice.

We often get asked for ‘standard’ vanity units; however, these are all manufactured to order so that our customers have a wide range of sizes, material and colour options available to them. The benefit of this is that we can supply the product to match the exact requirements. We also offer luxury vanity units that are made to order. 

If you have a question about choosing the correct vanity units for your washroom environment, get in touch, and our washroom experts will be on hand to help you.

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