Why Workplace Washrooms Matter

Let's face it; workplace toilets are always a topic of conversation at staff meetings and in employee surveys. Some employers will assume that they are happy with the current facilities until the issue is brought up. Recurring workplace washroom complaints consist of bad smells, blocked toilets, leaking taps, broken cubicle locks, damaged toilet cubicle panels and lack of soap dispensers.

The Facts

Did you know that employees spend an average of 14 minutes per day in their workplace washroom? A recent study by Initial, concluded that over the course of a year, this works out at around 56 hours, a total of seven working days out of the average working year.

Employees spend a lot of time in toilet cubicles at work, whether to use them as ‘break zone’ for 2 minutes of peace, to get changed for the gym, or to get ready for an after-work activity. These places must be safe, hygienic and suitable for users.

Impressions count

Employers have a duty to provide adequate washroom facilities for their employees and doing so can reveal a lot about a company’s values. The right washroom design can boost staff morale and productivity and even leave a lasting impression on a potential client. People are reluctant to use washroom facilities if they feel like they do not have enough privacy or that hygiene is not at an acceptable level.


In the UK, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) clearly states that all employers should provide adequate washroom facilities for all employees.

HSE sets out the following regulations regarding workplace washrooms:

  • Enough toilet cubicles and wash hand basins so that employees don’t have to queue for long periods.
  • There should be separate areas for woman and men, and if not possible due to space, toilet cubicle doors should be lockable and secure to protect privacy.
  • Sanitary facilities should be easy to maintain and clean, including tiled floors and walls or covered with waterproof materials.

You can find out more details about minimum requirements for workplace washrooms here.

Workplace washrooms should be a well thought out area with high-quality facilities. Our team of experienced designers will work with architects and specifiers, to put the users first, when it comes to the design of your washroom and toilet facilities. If you have any questions about upgrading your washroom systems or about our full range of washroom products, please get in touch.


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