Reflecting on the last 22 years

Loraine Price

Loraine Price, Procurement Executive here at Nu-Style is one of our longest serving employees and has been in the business for an incredible 22 years! As a primary point of contact with our suppliers, Loraine is key to the overall running of our production team.

Having joined Nu-Style more than two decades ago, Loraine has worked through various roles, and knows the business inside out. She tells us about her current role, and what has kept her at Nu-Style for all these years, in our latest meet the team profile.

How Nu-Style has Evolved

I’ve worked at Nu-Style for 22 years, and during this time I’ve worked in various roles including sales, stock control, administration and my most recent role is Procurement Executive.

I’ve had three Managing Directors during my time and worked with numerous members of the team. The business has grown massively, and thankfully, technology has advanced considerably. A big milestone that I’ve experienced during my time at Nu-Style, was joining the James Donaldson Group, back in 2016. It was a big change for us but has brought so many positives to our business including more resources, investment in people and machinery and of course, technology.

In previous years, we were mainly servicing Scotland and the Central Belt – now we are chipping away at the English and European market! I have great pride in our company and in the progress we have made over the last 22 years. I can’t wait to see what the next two decades will look like for the business.

Current Role

I’m currently responsible for programming the production of Perform Panel, as well as coordinating incoming deliveries from suppliers to ensure the timely production of goods. I also maintain stock levels, and ensure correct completion of manufacturing paperwork, as well as providing support to our Finance Manager. 

My favourite aspect of my current role as Procurement Executive is ensuring that all elements of our production processes are planned in the most efficient way. I thrive when I am busy and it’s certainly a fast-paced environment here at Nu-Style Products.

A typical day for me usually involves monitoring the sales of our Perform Panels to ensure production reflects demand, and reacting accordingly. I also manage any incoming paperwork and stock accounts.

Outside of Work

When I’m not working, I love nothing more than spending time with my husband and two daughters. I’m really looking forward to being able to visit the cinema and go out for dinner with family and friends when restrictions ease. I will also be booking a much-needed holiday abroad, whenever that may be!