Managing Construction Information with BIM

The future of the construction industry is digital. To keep up with the latest transformations and customer demand, you can now access our product range, including lockers, classroom furniture, cubicles, IPS panels and vanity units as BIM (Building Information Modelling) files. This will enable architects and specifiers to create a 3D models of their projects.

What is BIM?

BIM is quickly becoming a way of life for the UK construction industry and involves creating and managing information on a build across the project lifecycle. The BIM process is used to increase understanding of a project and to help communicate with the team and client about what a project will look like.

Why BIM?

BIM brings together all the information about every component of a building, in one place. For example, if an architect is specifying a school renovation, they can add the BIM files for our cubicles to allow them to fully visualise the project.

BIM is not only beneficial for the architect but is a collaborative tool for the rest of the project’s supply chain. The relationship between the products, structures and their constraints can be addressed, and any issues can be mitigated as early on as possible in the project. 

Although BIM provides a digital representation of the building, it also provides the structured information and data behind each stage of the building. This allows the team to be sure that it fits together digitally before the physical build commences.

You can see our full list of BIM products which can now be accessed through our website here: Please remember you will need your NBS login details to download the files.

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